Mark Saunders

The name "Saunders" is from Saxon origin in the British Isles. The word comes from the phrase, "belongs to Alexander." The shortened word, "Alexander's" pronounced without the "x" became "Alesanders's." Throughout the ages the word became Saunders, pronounced as "Sahnders" and finally written, Saunders. (Society of Genealogists, Kensington, England)

Harry Saunders

Gang Warily

This phrase is Anglo-Saxon for "Go Carefully". One wonders, looking at the history of the clan, if this was ever meant for the clan member. It seems that is it others who need to heed this motto when dealing with our kin. A warning to all who would do us harm or injustice.

However this clan was never truly Drummonds, having descended from the MacGregor Clan.

"S Rioghal mo Dhream" (Royal is my race) is the motto of this Highland Clan, the principal branch of the Clan Alpine which can trace its history to Griogar, the third son of King Alpine who ascended the Celtic Scottish throne about 787. They had great processions in Perthshire and Argyllshire. For a long time they maintained ownership of their lands by right of the sword, but the enmity of surrounding clans resulted in attempts to displace them, and the inevitable retaliation by the MacGregors earned them the reputation of being a trubulent clan. So bad was their name as disturbers of the peace that the fell under the ban of parliament. In 1603 they were commanded to change their name under penalty of death, severe enactment's were passed against them and the unfortunate clan members were prosecuted and persecuted. It was not until 1775 that the penal statutes against the MacGregors were repealed. After the restoration of their rights some clansmen reverted to the name MacGregor, others kept the surnames they had been using. Rob Roy (1671-1743) the celebrated freebooter and hero of Sir Walter Scott's romance, is the best know MacGregor.